Introducing Monolith's Academic Program


We are excited to launch the Academic Program, which will enable academics all over the world to use the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve engineering problems inside universities & schools.




Monolith has always been tightly involved in research. It started with its CEO, Richard Ahlfeld, completing his PhD in uncertainty quantification, and doing research around the world, from CRIEPI in Japan to Nasa in the US.

Since then, Monolith has always kept research at the centre, by hiring numerous PhD from various backgrounds (engineering, aerospace, physics, ...), and by dedicating a whole part of the daily work to research. Monolith also has lots of past and current collaborations with academia, running and leading research grants, as well as providing teaching in multiple European universities.

Therefore, the launch of this academic program is neither a surprise nor something new, but mainly a way to formalise and add structure to the passion Monolith always had for research.


What Does the Academic Program Offer?


The Getting Started tutorial section inside the Monolith platform

Monolith provides a self-learning platform that offers on-demand courses about engineering problems and how they can be solved by AI. There are currently 5 sections available:

  • How to build a notebook from scratch
  • Using AI Models in action
  • AI for 3D data
  • Data centric courses on data quantity, sparsity and noise
  • Monolith challenges

These tutorials for learning how to use Monolith make the platform easily accessible to everyone. The curriculum primarily focuses on using self-learning models and how to quickly understand and instantly predict the performance of engineering use cases, and how to improve product designs under mounting time-to-market and quality pressure.

This plan is for qualified students, researchers, and educators all over the world who

  • are writing a Thesis or Dissertation
  • would like to become more familiar with AI used in engineering
  • are members of a Student team (Formula Student, Hyperloop Pod Design etc.)
  • would like to teach a course on Monolith
  • work on a research project with or without an industry partner

For more information, please visit our new Academic page.


Rules of the Game


We provide 1 month of trial access that can be extended depending on a 1 month review which includes a short 1 slide presentation and/or dashboard that you have built highlighting the pain points solved and the impact of your study.


Self-learning tools available:

  • Intro to ML part 1 and 2 (2 x 30 mins)
  • Intro to the platform (15 mins)
  • Hands-on tutorials on the platform
  • There will be no additional dedicated support (reserved to paying customers only)
  • After 2 weeks, users have to fill out a feedback form and have opportunity to ask for support
  • During the trial month: potentially 1 or 2 interviews with Monolith's product team on user experience or use case

After 1 month, we have a 30 min review call to look at results

  • Demo notebooks/dashboards with results
  • One Powerpoint slide on how it solves pain points / impact (to be sent before meeting)

Potential outcomes:

  • Co-publish use case in a blog post
  • Co-write paper
  • Further collaboration and research
  • Become a Monolith Ambassador teaching to academic peers (combined to guest lecture)
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