Monolith Case Studies

The world’s top engineering teams use Monolith to reduce testing, cut costs, magnify their engineers’ expertise, and develop better quality products in half the time.​ See our clients’ success stories below.

smarter energy measurments smart meters honeywell and monolith case study
Case Study
Smarter Energy Measurements Using Predictive Self-Learning Models | Honeywell
bmw crash test case study
Case Study
How Monolith AI Software Helps Revolutionizes Crash Testing | BMW Group
kautex textron case study download with monolith ai
Case Study
Predicting Sloshing Noise & Reducing Testing | Kautex-Textron
jota sport monolith ai case study
How Jota Sport Races Ahead While Performing 80% Less Track Tests
Improving Vehicle
Dynamics & Reducing
Tests by 72% With Kistler
kistler case stusy monolith
Case Study
72% Test Reduction Using Trustworthy AI Models | Kistler & Monolith
nanopharm case study pharma
Case Study
Accelerating Pharmaceutical Testing Using Self-Learning Models | Nanopharm & Monolith
aptar case study monolith
Case Study
Packaging Optimization Using AI | Aptargroup & Monolith
jota sport monolith ai case study
Case Study
Jota Sport Cuts Car Setup Time by 50% With Monolith
generative design on turbomachinery
Case Study
Generative Design of Turbomachinery Blades Using Autoencoders With Rolls Royce
How to improve surrogate model accuracy with Rolls Royce
Case Study
How To Improve Surrogate Model Accuracy With Rolls Royce
Monolith and Simcenter STAR-CCM+ bring machine learning to CFD simulations
Case Study
Monolith and Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Bring Machine Learning to CFD Simulations
Monolith - Siemens Energy Integration
Case Study
Siemens Energy Integration & Monolith 
Case Study
Can AI Revolutionise How You Perform Track Testing?
Case Study
Reduce Fuel Consumption by Testing Your Engine With AI

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