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No-code AI software built for engineers.

End-to-end cloud platform enables any engineer to use their test data and expertise to solve intractable physics problems. ​​

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Why use Monolith's no-code AI platform?

Test less. Learn more.

Empower your engineers to spend less time running expensive, repetitive tests, and more time learning from their historical data by integrating an AI no-code platform.

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what is no code ai for product development and how to use no code platforms for product development

What is Monolith?

Using test data, engineers can quickly adopt Monolith to build highly accurate self-learning AI models that instantly predict the performance of systems in a wider variety of operating conditions.

This means less testing, more learning, and ultimately developing better quality products in half the time with an AI no-code platform.​

Why trust Monolith?

Monolith has a track record of empowering leading engineering organizations in their product development and testing processes through no-code AI.

Our machine learning platform supports teams who are struggling to accurately model and predict the performance of complex systems, and who must rely on expensive, time-intensive or repetitive tests under mounting time-to-market pressure, putting product quality and performance at risk.

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A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Monolith

The State of AI in Engineering  

First-ever study on AI in product development surveys US and European automotive, aerospace and industrial engineering leaders.

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New Feature

Next Test Recommender (NTR): AI-Powered Test Plan Optimisation

Learn how our AI software's latest feature enables users to train and assess machine learning models. It offers valuable recommendations for optimal test conditions to apply in the next round of testing. NTR assesses previously gathered data to suggest the most effective new tests to conduct. 

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Why customers use our no-code AI platform

  • Instantly predict the performance and/or quality of new 3D designs through visual data
  • Generate performance-optimized 3D designs with AI adoption
  • Have the confidence to cut long transient simulations short by predicting the remaining time steps with an AI model
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  • Create effective test plans informed by historical data, raw data, training data, structured data or even unstructured data
  • Detect if sensors aren't mounted or connected properly for data preparation
  • Re-adapt test plans on the fly with custom models and enable users
  • Quickly identify and correct drift in measurements with our AI models
  • Know when enough data has been captured for results to be gathered from no-code AI platforms
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  • Identify patterns and dependencies to better understand complex engineering systems with machine learning models
  • Provide customers with instant quotes for the performance of products in new configurations on a no-code AI platform
  • Accurately calibrate measuring devices across a range of operating conditions
  • Get your products certified quicker with accurate business data through machine learning and a  no-code AI approach
  • Predict readings from missing or broken sensors using AI models
  • Understand how objective performance indicators will affect the subjective experience of your end customers or business users through AI models
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Monolith allowed us to understand and optimize the gas meter's behaviour for all operating conditions and optimize meter accuracy under extreme conditions, allowing us to build a superior, more accurate product in a much shorter amount of time.

- Bas Kastelein, Sr. Director Product Innovation, Honeywell Process Solutions


Monolith Team understood what it means to work with genuine engineering problems in artificial intelligence: the needed flexibility and knowledge.

- Joachim GUILIE, Curing performance expert at Michelin


The Monolith engineering team are unique experts in the field of solving scientific problems with machine learning. I trust them to guide our team to get the greatest ROI from AI and magnify our engineering talent and expertise.

- Dr. Paul Gosling, Chief Technology Officer, Thales UK

Some CoKautex-Textronmpany

With Monolith’s machine learning method, we not only solved the challenge, we also reduced design iteration times and prototyping and testing costs. We are thrilled with the results, and we are confident we have found a way to improve future design solutions.

- "Dr. Bernhardt Lüddecke, Director Validation Global Kautex-Textron

No coding technical skills or Ph.D. in data science or statistics required; just your engineering expertise and test data are needed to get started with our machine learning and no code AI tool.

Monolith AI Features

Self Learning
Self-Learning Models

Use your engineering data to create accurate self-learning models, deploy AI models, and quickly understand and instantly predict the performance of your complex system through model performance — under more operating conditions than you ever imagined.

AI any engineer can use
AI Any Engineer Can Use

Monolith is cloud-based AI software built for engineers. No coding or PhD in statistics is required — just your Engineering expertise and test data.

Complement existing workflows
Built to Complement Existing Workflows

Monolith is not a replacement to the Engineering expertise you've spent decades perfecting. Instead, it complements and accelerates your existing workflows.

Sharing Knowledge
A Platform for Sharing Knowledge

To facilitate effective decision-making, build AI solutions collaboratively and deploy them such that insights are easy to interpret and use in production environments.

Our Industries

Top Monolith industries

Monolith AI empowers engineering domain experts in automotive, aerospace, and industrial markets to reduce expensive, time-intensive testing, reduce risks to product performance and quality, and cut product development time.

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Aerospace & Defense
Aerospace and Defense
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