Monolith AI & Siemens Digital Industries Software Announce Partnership

Monolith AI announces partnership with Siemens Digital Industries Software. Partnership to further accelerate design exploration through simulation, test, and AI technologies.


London, January 2020: Monolith AI, the leading AI platform for Design and Engineering, today announced a new partnership with Siemens Digital Industries Software.  Focusing on Siemens’ Simcenter™ portfolio of simulation and test solutions, this partnership can facilitate tight integration of Simcenter data sources and simulation environments with Monolith AI’s software platform.

Monolith AI empowers design and engineering teams to understand, validate and optimise products dramatically faster using their intuitive AI software platform. The agility and collaborative nature of Monolith AI’s platform enables products to be delivered to the market faster whilst meeting quality and cost targets, thereby increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

“I am convinced this team is one step ahead of everybody else,” commented Luc Maelstaf, Head of Technical Design for Packaging at L'Oréal.


“Combining simulation tools with artificial intelligence offers new design freedom to our customers”, Jean-Claude Ercolanelli, VP Simulation and Test Solutions, at Siemens Digital Industries Software"


Richard Ahlfeld, CEO, Monolith AI


Dr Richard Ahlfeld, CEO of Monolith AI also commented, “Our cloud-based AI software empowers teams to collaborate, analyse and design products faster than ever before. For our customers this means lower risks, agile projects, and better products. We are delighted to partner with Siemens. Their strategy to take what the future promises tomorrow and make it real for customers today, aligns with our vision completely. Through building a super intelligent AI platform to empower engineers to solve previously intractable problems, capabilities such as Generative Design and Digital Twin are democratised to every engineer. The Monolith AI platform demonstrates our commitment to the advancement of engineering and the ability of designers and engineers to change the world for the better.”

“Combining simulation tools with artificial intelligence offers new design freedom to our customers,” said Jean-Claude Ercolanelli, Vice President Simulation and Test Solutions, at Siemens Digital Industries Software. “With the ability to instantaneously explore new design options, while still satisfying target goals and constraints, AI extends the abilities of engineers to save time and unleashes innovation even without the benefit of CAD access.”


Exploring designs for an in-cylinder combustion engine with Simcenter STAR-CCM+ and Monolith AI.

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About Monolith AI


Monolith AI is the leading engineering AI software company. We have created an AI platform that utilises the latest in machine learning to help design and engineering teams significantly improve the product development process. Monolith AI enables companies to monetise their CAD, simulation, and test data, using it to predict the behaviour of designs without performing new simulations or physical tests. Companies can optimise their R&D processes, increase their agility, and delight their customers by reducing internal costs, delivering better products to market faster and increasing their sales. For more information, please visit the company’s website.


Note: A list of relevant Siemens trademarks can be found here. 

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